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Fully Adjustable Universal Tripod/Mount for Smartphones/Cameras with Bluetooth Remote

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New for 2022: 

Pro-Photo Universal Tripod/Mount with Wireless Bluetooth remote

Use this to take amazing selfies and portraits anywhere, using your existing phone or camera. The fully adjustable arms allow you to stand it up straight on any flat surface or easily wrap it around any other object like a bike handle, a pole, or other object or surface, even if not flat - it will allow you to fully adjust the grip/stand and even use it sideways or hanging. The possibilities are endless! You can even use it as an adjustable mount for your car or bike, or use it to hold a security camera or hold a drink or other object.

High quality durable construction. Take it anywhere - it is like having a portable photographer. Beware of the cheaper imitations that don't include a wireless remote, or have flimsy construction. This device is made from top quality durable materials and includes a fully wireless, universally compatible bluetooth remote - to use to snap the photos from a distance (like for a selfie or portrait).

Ships in Frustration-Free/Bulk Packaging

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